Saturday, 13 July 2013

My Graduation Day

It has been a short 4 years!
it seems I have just prepared anything for my college life, but i must leave this university now. The graduation ceremony that held on 13 July 2013 marked as the end of my life as a university student. Yes, i have graduated with a bachelor degree in Informatics Engineering with cum laude predicate.

Early morning, around 4 a.m., I must wake up (the difficult thing in my life) for make up. At 7 a.m., we need to reach Sabuga (Sasana Budaya Ganesha, the graduation hall) for graduation ceremony. After the ceremony, we all went out like a very crowded market. Because it's time to capture photos with friends and family. After that, there was a "arak-arakan" ceremony that held by every students union in ITB.

I really enjoyed that moment because it was a memorable day for me. I want to give my thanks again to my parent, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, and everyone who attend my graduation day and those who give some gifts for me. I also want to thanks Albert and Alvin who help me captured graduation photos. I appreciate it so much!

Arak-arakan ceremony. Thank you HMIF!

Myself in my graduation robes

gift from my friends. Thankyou guys...

Finally, milestone archieved!
Bandung, 13 July 2013

Friday, 7 June 2013

Thesis Defense

It has been one week after my graduation ceremony, but I still haven't write anything about me being a bachelor. I will start it from my thesis defense that hold on 7 Juni 2013.
Finally, after studying in ITB for 4 years, this thesis defense is determinants of my study. It will determine whether I worthy to be a bachelor. My thesis defense completed in 1 hour 30 minutes in multimedia room Labtek V. It consists of 20 minutes for presentation and demo, 1 hour for question answer, and 10 minutes for closed meeting of the lecturers. There are three lecturers in thesis defense consist of one thesis adviser lecturer and two thesis examiner lecturers. In the end of defense, i announced as a successful Bachelor with a little surprise from my lecturer.
What an annoying surprise! after the lecturers discussed about result of my thesis defense, i was called by one of the lecturer to enter the room. After that, they announced that i didn't pass the thesis defense. I stood in silence don't know what to say. But, after that, the lecturer continue her sentence, "..... before you done all of the revision.". hahaha... It means, I passed the thesis defense conditionally. So, in that time, I had new title, Vivi Lieyanda S.T.(b). After i did my revision, i finally got my title, Vivi Lieyanda S.T.

Completing all my thesis by myself is impossible. i want to thanks people who supported me along my thesis work throughout all of this:
1. Dear father and mother, dear sister and brother.
Thank you for believing me to choose my own track. Thank you for loving me so that i can be like now.
2. My dearest Adrian Hartanto
Thank you for being my safe place to share and for being my heart.
3. Mr. Adi Mulyanto
Thank you for being my thesis adviser. Thank you for you guidance, time, effort, and support me to make this final task possible.
4. Mrs. Fazat and Mrs.Yani, as my thesis examiner. Thank you for your idea, suggestion for my thesis improvement.
5. Rido Ramadan, as my presentation teacher. Thank you for teaching me how to present my thesis well.
6. All my friends who attend my thesis defense. Despite of you can not enter the room when thesis defense held, but you still attend to celebrate it. Thank you fellas! Thank you for all the gift and prayer.

Siberian Infantri. Thankyou :D

Kak Teza,, Kak Toki, Kak Maul, dan Kak Lyco.

KMB friends..

7. All my friends of Informatics Engineering 2009, Siberian Infantri.
Thank you for precious experience for this 4 years. Thank you for the happiness that we have shared together.

and all of you who hasn't mentioned.


Vivi Lieyanda

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

'Macan' with 6 Legs

When I got tired cause of activity that I did today, a happiness was created by my younger brother. He is at 2nd class in elementary school now. His name is Brian, a smart, cheerful, and want-to-know child. 
When I arrived at my rent house after my English class, I got a short message from him. He asked me with Indonesia language, ‘where are you? What are u doing? Do you know ‘macan’ with 6 legs?’.
I’m very surprised when I got a question like that, then I reply in Indonesia language, ‘I just arrived in my rent house after english class. Wow! Is the answer is ‘macan’ with artificial leg?”. Then he replied quickly, “it’s wrong. The answer is TRIO MACAN.”. LOL
I’m very miss him now. I wanna to kiss kiss him now. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Historical Buildings in Siak Sri Indrapura

I spent my childhood in Siak Sri Indrapura, a small town in Riau, Sumatra Island. You can reach this city by car or ship from Pekanbaru. It takes approximately 3 hours using car and about 2 hours using speedboat. There is something like a very large green preview around the way to Siak. Hehee..Why? because there is almost filled by the palm tree everywhere, in the left and right side.You also can get the additional view when using speedboat. People doing some activities at the edge of the river, like children bathing, woman washing clothes or bathing, and many thing else. In this post, i will tell the historical buildings in Siak.

Siak is also known as "The palace city", because there is a palace that situated in the middle of Siak Sri Indrapura city. This palace is named Asserayah Al Hasyimiah. It is the historical evidence of the Sultanate of Siak. It was built on Sultan Syarif Hasyim Abdul Jalil Syaifudin's governance in 1889 by German architect. The architecture of the palace is the combination among the architecture of Malays, Arab, and Europeans.

Siak Palace (taken from

The palace store collection of properties of the Kingdom. There are kingdom umbrella, Comets, gold plated royal throne, a duplicate royal crown, etc. The original gold crown has been brought to the National Museum in Jakarta. Comets is a large German music player which has a disc contains classic songs from Mozart and Bethoven. There are only two comets in this world, in German and Siak.

Comet (taken from
There are also variety of desk chairs from woods, crystal, and glass , various form of cupboards and weapon from iron and copper inside the palace. Another interesting thing in this palace is the golden red stair to the second floor.

stair to second floor
Beside that, we may see the Siak Bridge when enter the town. This bridge is named Tengku Agung Sultanah Latifah. This bridge is extended on Siak river, knownly as the deepest river in Indonesia. The unique part of this bridge is on top of this pier there is a restaurant. But, until now, it is not already.

Siak Bridge (taken from

The other building is Balai Kerapatan Tinggi. It is used as a place of high-ranking royal deliberation and as a place to decide the matter of justice that occured in those times. This Balai is situated on the edge of Siak River. There is a former prison that used as the place languished after sentenced prisoners on the ground floor.

Balai Kerapatan Tinggi (taken from
There are still many historic places in Siak that we can find here. But, unfortunately, many of them are not maintained by government or other related part. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Thank You for This Wonderful Internship Experience

Yeah..My internship is finally over!!! Juny and July 2012 has already passed. In one side, i feel a little bit of sadness because maybe i can not meet some of funny and gorgeous peoples along my intern in Mandiri. But, in other side, I'm happy. Why? I don't have to wake up early in the morning anymore and take a bath which my eyes still closed. haha....

I want to say thank you to many peoples in Mandiri. Mr. OC, Mr. Ario, Mr.Endro, Mr.Edison, Mr.Bofan, Mr.Jimmy, Mr.Rozi, and Mr.Yudha, thank you for your guidance and supervision during this internship. Your guidance assisted me in furher development of communication skill and ability to develope project within company. I also want to thank the entire staff of IT DDO, especially Ms.Agustin, Ms.Ika, Ms. Indri, Ms.Sifa, Ms.Ikas, thank you for taking the time to share your happiness like share your food to me. Through that times, i felt i was able to grow in company environment like that.

Next,  i want to say good bye to my cubicle. Thank you for accompany me during this intern.

my cubicle

Good bye B2 canteen.. One of my favorite menu in this canteen  is tourdano grilled chicken. And the amazing fact that i found is there are still a lot of people eat in the canteen in Ramadhan month.

And good bye pantry. I always filled my bottle with the water many times in a day. hihii :D

and next, here are some photos I have managed to salvage from one of documentation staff.
IT POS Big Day

Taken at the helipad in Mr.Ario's farewell party


Yeah,,it's done!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Importance of English in Our Today's Life

Hello reader!! start from now, I will try to write every post in my blog with English. I'm not going to say that i'm good in english or grammatically accurate. (No...not yet!).  But, from my experience and observation, english is very important in today's life. It is necessary in every field. English is the most widely spoken language in the world. We can have a wider field to communicate with others. You can read more books than other people. You can easily understand scientific and technology study. And others benefits more..

Sometimes, it's a little annoying when your friend thought you just being cocky when you speak in english. Not just speak, when it was just a simple sentence in your facebook status, some of friends might be complained and said, "Cinta Indonesia dong", "Jangan sok sok Inggris deh", and many more. Despite of english is one of foreign language, it doesn't mean i don't love my country, INDONESIA. In fact, it has nothing to do with my nationalism. So, why i start using english in this blog? Because, i have a dream, this blog is not read by Indonesian only, but for a lot of people in the world. Maybe sometimes i will write posts about Indonesia, and foreign people will know about Indonesia. I am using english because i want to get used to it. 

I do use ENGLISH, but I LOVE INDONESIA... So, come on guys, stop using the world of "nationalism" to hide your laziness. As long as you educate yourself, there is no end of learning.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Global Software Development

Hello, i will write this post in english.  :)

Global software development is an intensive introduction to developing software on international teams. In this course, we practice about project coordination, manage language and cultural differences. We did two-phased project where ITB students will team with current students in the Computer Science and Engineering program at Texas A&M University, Texas, USA.

In this project, i worked with two partners. They were Alex Schoening and Prothvi Vangal. They were diligent and cooperated friend. We always did our project near the deadline, but it submitted on time. Thank you guys. :)

On the end of this course, i got the opportunity to share my testimony in front of all the participant of closing ceremony. This is my testimony.

This is our photo in closing ceremony.
GSD Closing Ceremony with Mr.Healy (chairman of the Fulbright Board)